Foyer Groups Winter 2018

A Foyer Group is a small group who gather on a regular but informal basis to enjoy one another's company, to strengthen bonds of community, to meet new friends, and just to get to know other people who share a common interest. People sign up to be part of a small group (6 people). Over the course of 3 months (February to April) people go out to dinner in each other’s houses once a month. There is a preliminary general meeting to gather groups together. The small group then decides on dates that work for them and on how to do a meal. There are lots of options – for instance organized potluck, potluck hit and miss, take out…whatever works for the group. Preferences such as allergies and alcohol are considered. Choices are limited only by the collective imagination of the group. All are welcome to join—singles, couples, families! This is a fun and easy means to develop a new friendship and deepen old ones and make our church welcome and winter season warm.

Watch for more details in the new year.

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